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The Food Ingredients Research Center has been developing ONLYONE food & feed ingredients th-at are leading the market, and a variety of appli-cations for food materials.The Food Ingredients Research Center is equipped with an organic sy-stem of toplevel research personnel and modern facilities that is dedicated to the study of new te-chnology in diverse areas, such as sweeteners, oils&fats, grain ingredients, and pre-mix powder.

We are conducting a wide range of R&D activities for developing healthier, tastier, more economic-al products.

The Food Ingredients Research & development


We are involved, from basic research to the product launch and on towards continuous improvement.

Basic research

We are improving technologies through various basic researches, such as developing enzyme & microorganism, applying enzyme and fermentation process, analyzing proteins and carbohydrates, and studying nutritional and physiological functions.

Product development

Based on basic core technologies, we are developing new ingredient products such as Tagatose by applying unique enzyme system and CBL by using advanced fractionation and inter-esterification technology. We have applied our solid fermentation technologies to develop new functional feed ingredient (i.e. Soytide). In the field of rice-related products, we have developed Rice bran protein, Rice fiber, and Rice oil.


We also develop the application of new materials, such as Tagatose, CBL and Rice protein, and also assist customer in helping develop new solutions. By application technique, the Food Ingredients Research Center is developing differentiated products, such as pre-mix, customized flour & oil, that satisfy the diverse needs of customers.

  • rice
  • chocolate
  • Waffle
  • cereal
  • meat


  • Sweeteners : Xylose, Tagatose, Psicose, Rebaudioside-A
  • Oils & Fats : Cooking oil, Specialty fats including CBL
  • Grain ingredients : Rice bran protein, Rice fiber, Soytide
  • Pre-mix : Bakery mix, Batter mix, Dessert mix, Wheat flour, Rice flour