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Xylose sugar is a healthy sugar, which inhibits the absorption of sugar in the body. [Xylose is a sucrase(a digestive enzyme of sucrose) inhibitor, we use it as a functional ingredient in CJ coconut Xylose sugar]


  • Very Similar sweetness profile with sugar
  • Convenient to cook for its fine particle
  • Xylose Sugar(brown)

    Xylose Sugar

  • Xylose Sugar(White)

    Xylose Sugar


product infomation
SUGAR GLUCOSE FRUCTOSE, General process of absorption - Absorbed in the intestine after breaking down into glucose and fructose, Xylose's mechanism inhibiting sugar absorption - Sugar component is discharged from the body, buy not absorbed in the body
  • Sugar is absorbed in the body after breaking down into glucose and fructose in the intestine.
  • Xylose reduce sugar absorption by controlling resolution of sugar into glucose and fructose.