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Naturally existing low-calorie sugar.


  • Allulose is a type of sugar that can be ideally used wherever sweetness is needed.
  • Naturally exists in fruits and food product such as raisins, figs and caramel sauce.
  • Only has 5% of calories compare to ordinary sugar.
  • Allulose has 70% relative sweetness to sucrose.
  • Enabling a reduced calorie product with its pleasing taste.
  • Provides sweetness and keeps the distinctive taste of your food application.


product infomation
Production process of allulose Specification Sensory characteristics


product applications
Confectionery Confectionery

Pleasant and satisfying clean sweetness

Caking prevention through low hygroscopicity

Bakery Bakery

Desirable browning effect and flavor enhancement from maillard

Texture enhancement from water holding capacity

Beverage Beverage

Clean mouthfeel without decreasing bulkiness

Ideal processing suitability with high solubility, heat & acidity stability

Excellent combination with high intensity sweetener