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TitleCJ CheilJedang wins Technology Progress Prize


CJ CheilJedang was awarded the Technology Progress Prize for its new functional sweetener, “Beksul Tagatose”, at the symposium, 18th June, the Korean Society of Food Science and Technology (KoSFoST) announced.

Founded in 1968, the Korean Society of Food Science and Technology (KoSFoST) is the first science society of food professionals that provides scientific and technical information to improve the food science and technology. For its contribution to progress of Korean food science and technology, CJ CheilJedang R&D center received the Technology Progress Prize at the awards of the symposium held on 13th~15th June. In accordance with CJ CheilJedang, Tagatose has the functionality controlling blood glucose level after meal even it has similar sweetness to sugar, and CJ R&D Center succeeded in commercialization of Tagatose by using an enzymatic method.

Starting mass production last December, CJ CheilJedang has expanded its distribution channel to department stores, super markets and online shopping malls since this April. Recognized for its functional value, Tagatose is also welcomed by many food companies in foreign countries such as U.S, Spain, India, etc.

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