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TitleCocoa Butter Like 'fat for chocolate' to be available by year's end


Great success developing Cocoa Butter Like (CBL), natural chocolate fat substitute

"CJ CheilJedang has a mission and a vision to achieve 1,500 trillion KRW sales by 2015 based on the Bio and New Food Ingredient Business Unit." Mr. Kim Chul-Ha, the CEO of CJ CheilJedang who had worked as a specialist at the CJ R&D center and as a MD of Bio Business Unit, announced the company's plan and its belief in Bio and New Food Ingredient Business Unit during his interview at the Westin Chosun Hotel, Seoul Korea.

CJ's Cocoa Butter Like, natural chocolate fat substitute, is expected to be available in the B2B chocolate market by the end of this year (year's end) according to Mr. Kim(WHO IS MR.KIM?). (CJ also successfully developed Coconut shell xylose sugar, Tagatose, Rice protein, and other 3 kinds of new food ingredients.) CBL has the most similar taste profile to the natural cocoa butter.
Mr. Kim announced confidently that CBL can soon take the major part of the 660trillion KRW global chocolate market.

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