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TitleSweet but Healthy, CJ CheilJedang launching coconut shell Xylose Sugar


Can sugar be sweet and healthy at the same time?

CJ CheilJedang announced its new product, "Beksul Xylose sugar" during a press conference. Xylose is the ingredient for xylitol and it is known to reduce the sugar absorption when consumed and to protect from tooth decaying. CJ Xylose sugar has the same sweetness as sugar and it is applicable for substituting sugar in cooking. (sugar substitution in cooking)
CJ is also launching "Beksul Tagatose" sugar which can help to control blood glucose level postprandially, which is good news for those with obesity and diabetes. CJ Tagatose is slightly less sweet than sugar (92%sweetness of sugar), lower calories (30% of sugar), and very low Glycemic Index, GI 3 (5% of sugar). Clinical data supports the anti-hyperglycemic effects of Tagatose.

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