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  1. 195308Founding of CheilJedang Co., Ltd. (the first manufacturing business of Samsung Group)
  2. 11Completed construction of Busan Plant 1 (the first sugar-processing facility in Korea), commenced sugar manufacturing business
  3. 195804Commenced flour manufacturing business


  1. 197011Completed construction of Incheon Plant 1
  2. 197707Commenced production of pre-mix items
  3. 197803Established Food Research Center
  4. 197903Completed construction of Incheon Plant 2
  5. 09Commenced cooking oil business
  6. 198602Commenced operation of Yeongdeungpo Plant (commenced flour manufacturing)


  1. 200402Shindongbang CP became CJ'’s affiliation (Ansan plant)
  2. 200808Established joint venture for grain processing business with Heilongjiang Agricultural Company Ltd . (HACL) of China in Harbin
  3. 200906M&A with Samyang Oil


  1. 201005Launched Soytide (Fermented soybean meal, Incheon 2 plant)
  2. 201105Completed construction of xylose plant (Philippines)
  3. 201111Launched Tagatose (Ansan plant)
  4. 201112Established joint venture for premix business with Wilmar Group (Yihai Kerry) and founded CJ-YIHAI Foodstuffs Co.Ltd in Kunshan, China
  5. 201202Launched confectionery fat (CBL, Incheon 2 plant)