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global food&bio company CJ Chelijedang

We started out manufacturing sugar in 1953 which is a basic food material essential in people’s lives. Since then, CJ CheilJedang has been for over a half century expanding the business fields it works in to include processed food, animal feed, bioscience and pharmaceutical products.

Striving to achieve KRW 5 trillion in sales abroad by 2013. In order to overcome the limitations of a company catering to the domestic market, CJ CheilJedang is aggressively marching forward with a plan to make the 1.3 billion people in the Chinese market into a ‘2nd domestic market’. As a mid to long-term plan, CJ CheilJedang will increase sales to KRW 2 trillion within China by 2013 by expanding new product lines to attract Chinese customers and by strengthening R&D investment.